Want your Final Term with a helping of Zsh?

The Final Term project caught my eye a while ago, and recently decided to take it for a spin. The first thing that I noticed is that you are in a bash shell after launching and you lose all the contextual menus if you switch shells after launch. Since I’ve been using Zsh for a few years now and didn’t feel like trying to customize a bash environment I decided to try my hand at customizing Final Term to support Zsh.

Screenshot from 2014-09-13 22:38:12

So far I’ve been happy with the progress, but it is not without issues (these are the ones that I know of):

  • wget Termlet not updating status bar on download complete/cancelled.history
  • history completion menu is not working
  • PS1 prompt not updating properly

If you are interested in trying it out or contributing some feedback, visit the in progress pull request. If you are running Fedora, then you can also install from my copr repo.

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